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Authenticity is the most precious jewel in our crown and it’s all yours - whether you are with us for a day of business or to make memories that will be truly yours from that very moment, to infinity and beyond.

Our meticulously curated experiences are deeply rooted in authenticity, perfected for you.

An authentic feeling that has existed for over a hundred years.

Maharajas, heads of state, world travellers and seasoned businessmen will tell you that staying with us is a dreamlike experience. We constantly dissolve the boundaries between the romance of a bygone era and the ultramodern on demand time and space we live in.

We enchantingly unite opposing elements to transform your stay at the very core. You can witness it when you arrive in a 1947 Buick Convertible and depart in a state-of-the-art Jaguar. When you feel the echoes of a regal past amidst the ambience of a flourishing metropolis.

When a harmonious balance of world-class amenities and time-honoured traditions take you on a sensorial journey like no other. And of course, when choosing between an infinity pool and a signature Gudda Bath is a call you need to take leisurely.

Authentic Experiences

Rooted in history and tradition, each of our exquisite hotels, idyllic beach resorts and Grand Palaces craft memorable experiences that you will cherish for all of time. You can even call our Concierge to book experiential tours for you.

Authentic Craftsmanship

Everything you touch at the Taj is a homage to a masterful past. Whether it is Art Deco pillars, exquisite modern furniture or a simple decorative fixture - we carve and bring entire structures to life while staying true to techniques, materials, master craftsmen, communities and cultures.

Authentic Cuisines

Our visually stunning restaurants and bespoke kitchens serve the choicest, regional and world-cuisines, signature dishes and desserts that epitomize opulence. We serve the world and influence it too with every delectable serving.

  • Finest Hotel

    A 20 year old memorable tradition of feeding Stingrays by hand.

    Each day, you can feed entire fevers of Stingrays at the main beach of our hotel in Maldives. This highly prized tourist attraction is a tradition that began twenty years ago on the island of Hembadhu. These ‘Guardians of the Island’ never miss a single meal. explore more

  • Finest Hotel

    A signature bath that’s pure joy.

    A common ritual in Coorg homes, the traditional Gudda Bath is one of our signature experiences made possible using water heated in a traditional copper vessel and is followed by a full body scrub. Not only does it relieve stress but also improves circulation and leaves you with a blissful feeling. explore more

  • Finest Hotel

    Restoring the mirror in the sky to its former glory.

    We take the preservation and restoration of our properties rather seriously. That’s why we spent more than a decade to restore the Falaknuma Palace. Sprawled over 32 acres of a regal Hyderabadi estate the palace is situated on a hillock and provides majestic views of the city below. It is our undying responsibility to care for everything we touch. explore more

  • Finest Hotel

    A rice boat? A floating dream? You decide.

    Aboard a traditional rice boat is our charming restaurant where you can relish dishes directly made by our executive Chef. Come on over and indulge in a sea of food as you float way into the backwaters and exotic beauty of Kerala. explore more

  • Finest Hotel

    An unforgettable cuisine straight out of the Silk Road.

    Our delectable restaurants have been inspired by certain characteristics, techniques, ingredients and culinary traditions of the Silk Road. From China’s yin-yang to India’s Ayurveda and Iran’s ‘hot and cold’- some of the world’s most diverse cuisines can be found knocking at the doorsteps of our ageless and world-famous restaurants.