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Restless with ambition, the Taj was born out of an intense desire to transform the face of Bombay and take India to the world. Jamsetji’s efforts were never once for himself but to show India what lies beyond the Seas. He made India’s dream his own. His vision of being the best of the best continues to drive us today even as we ready ourselves for the bright prospects and disruptive challenges of tomorrow.

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J.R.D. Tata, speech on 'Completion of 25 years as Chairman.'

Our Catalogue of Firsts. Second to none.

For decades and throughout history, we’ve been leaders in hospitality and catalysts for the tourism industry. We were the first to have electricity, to serve world-travellers, Maharajas, hosts of the first speech to industry from Independent India and the first to witness British troops depart in 1947 from the same gateway that was built to celebrate imperialism.

We opened Mumbai’s first licensed bar with the unique Bar License No. 1 where our signature cocktail from 1933 is served even today.

With Starboard, Shamiana, Wasabi by Morimoto and more we were also the first melting pot of cuisines from around the world.

We have also had the unique distinction of being gracious hosts to first ladies, the first man on the moon and President Obama.

The visit of one of Hollywood’s post-war idols, Gregory Peck, was particularly memorable to the Taj’s carpenters, because they had to be called out to extend the frame of his bed to accommodate his exceptional height.

  • Finest Hotel

    India’s first-of-its-kind and finest Hotel.

    From the day the grand doors of The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai first opened on December 16, 1903 it was acknowledged as India’s finest hotel. There was no place like Bombay or the Taj inside or outside India at the time. It opened with little fuss or grand public announcements.

  • Finest Hotel

    The greatest landmark of the greatest city in the world.

    All eyeballs were on India’s maximum city at this point in history. Even the Gateway of India arrived at a later point in time. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai became the first clear landmark of the city that could be seen from the sea as the ocean-liners of P&O and other shipping lines approached the harbour.

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    Bombay’s first waterfront and licensed bar.

    With its picturesque view of the sea, wooden bar and nautical theme, the bar was the playground of seasoned Mariners, Europeans, renowned Sailors from the Royal Navy and the founding fathers of Bombay. Even today, you can order ‘Harbour Bar 1933’ the signature cocktail from the prohibition era and feel transported to a time unlike any other.

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    India’s last Viceroy. India’s first moment of Freedom.

    Lord Mountbatten addressed the audience from the stage of the Taj Ballroom as a part of Independence celebrations in Bombay. He was the man who brought this about and set the moment for freedom at midnight on 14-15 August 1947.

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    Taking charge of the city’s entertainment one dance at a time.

    The great crash and economic depression that followed had lasting effects on the world and soon it made its way to the doorsteps of India’s finest hotel. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, the IDC Directors decided to start entertaining a new India. With tea-dances, art, ballroom dancing, western cuisines and the first cabaret, the Taj became a far livelier place to go to than it had ever been in the twenties.

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    All that Jazz. For the very first time.

    The first Jazz band to play at the Taj was Harold Elms, who came over from Oddenino’s in London. The other Jazz Combos included bands of Hal Green, Lazlo Szabo, Chris Beard and many others who followed in their footsteps. There was music in the air and the all these wonderful bands became the biggest crowd pullers in Bombay.

  • Finest Hotel

    The first Butler service in India.

    We realized early on that visitors to and from India would enjoy their stay a whole lot better if they had someone around to take care of their every individual need 24/7. From room service, to showing you around our heritage properties to delighting you with stories from our rich and varied history, our Butlers make your stay a memorable one.

  • Finest Hotel

    A convention centre at the crossroads of the world.

    The grand, iconic Taj Palace in New Delhi was awarded the TTA Today’s Traveller Award for the Best Convention Facility in India in 2015. There are a variety of space and seating options available to enhance your meetings, events and experiences.

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    We were the first to put Indian hotspots on the map.

    Foreigners have been coming to India for centuries but with the arrival of modern travel, they started discovering the length and breadth of the country like never before. Soon Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan became destinations of choice for world-travellers. And, when our hotels, resorts and palaces started functioning, more and more people began to find themselves in India.

  • Finest Hotel

    Made in Japan. Served in India.

    Recognised as one of the world’s best restaurants and one of Asia’s best 50 by San Pellegrino, Wasabi by Morimoto at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai is most famous for its Iron Chef Morimoto-inspired Japanese cuisine, Sushi bar and Teppanyaki counter. Every culinary masterpiece is indigenously crafted with ingredients flown down from Japan.