Tajness History


Whether you are a seasoned traveller, an entrepreneur, a flamboyant tycoon or a tourist staying with us for the first time, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of the tiniest of your needs. Explore more

Emotion and Spirit has fuelled the history of the Taj not reason and logic.

Ratan Tata

  • heritage

    A feeling enriched through warmth and care. Legendary hospitality at your service. Always.

    Personal attention and the sincerest of care towards you is the foundation upon which our unique flavour of hospitality resides. We are recognized the world over for our distinctive approach, world-class service and modern luxury. Each of our world-renowned landmarks, contemporary business hotels, idyllic beach resorts or authentic Grand Palaces carries the signature Taj warmth.

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  • An indomitable spirit that keeps rising like the Phoenix.

    Post-war problems, fragments of a European past, the prohibition era, economic regulations and restrictions, change of management, an influx of brands and various other insurmountable hurdles forever stood between us and our dreams. But, once you have imbibed the spirit of the Taj, resurrection from overwhelming odds becomes a part of your very being.


Luxury so modern that it deserves a section in its own museum.

We understand the era we live in like no one else. You can see it in the way we tuck bedsheets and shift suitcases, in our symbols and rituals. In the way we open doors to modernity and still keep a few traditional ones open so that we have one foot keeping us grounded in the glory of the past and one firmly, in the future.


You’re not just a customer. You’re a privileged member of the Taj family.

We go beyond the call of duty to care for you whenever you stay with us. Here, service is not just a mere department, it’s an institution. You can feel it in the way we address queries and resolve the minutest of problems. Whether you’re with us on a day of business or a week of leisure, our unwavering care is always in the air. Explore more