The Taj
& You

In the end, people just remember their favourite memories and how an experience made them feel. Scroll down to read stories from our esteemed guests, associates, news, videos and happenings from the Taj family in every corner of the world.

  • Good memory

    Good memory. Great job.

    Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi.

    The following is an experience shared by Mr. Pravin Roy in Hotel Scapes Magazine:
    “I was enjoying lunch with a guest. My second visit in four months. When taking my order, the hostess Alpna amazed me by asking if I would prefer Cognac. She remembered that I had asked for it the last time I had come.
    Later, she turned to my guest and asked her if she would like to order the dish she requested for previously but didn’t receive. We were both extremely surprised by the way she remembered not just the dishes we ordered, but the dishes we just considered ordering, without consulting any records. With the sheer number of people the staff served every day, we were bemused as to how they did it!”

  • great palace

    Sweet memories from a great palace.

    Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Qazi.
    Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur.

    When Ms. Suma Narayan visited the Taj Lake Palace for a short visit, she planned to meet a friend who she hadn’t seen in ages. For some reason, her friend couldn’t make it and this upset her.
    Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Qazi from the Food and Beverage Department found her and started off a conversation to make her feel better.
    She was a South Indian with a sweet tooth and to lift her spirits, he requested the Chef to prepare special desserts for her. This gesture moved her so much that she handed a letter to the Palace Service Team and thanked him for making her feel like a princess.

  • Delighting the world

    Delighting the world, one button at a time.

    Gurpreet Singh Kandahari.
    Taj Coromandel, Chennai.

    When you care about someone, you always aim high and try to fulfil their every request. One of our guests informed Gurpreet the duty manager that his coat was missing a few buttons. Within minutes, the coat was promptly taken to be fixed. However, it belonged to a brand that did not have a showroom in Chennai. The concierge team kept hunting for showrooms and eventually had to contact the brand’s Delhi showroom. Buttons were flown down to Chennai and the linen associate fixed them to the coat. The guest was delighted that the team went the distance for him. His final message while checking out to the corporate office was: “I’ve stayed in many hotels across the world, but never have I received such caring and efficient service. Outstanding. Warm regards, Shawn.”

  • Bed time

    A home-alone penguin and a bedtime story.

    Ryan Drushel.
    The Pierre, New York

    John and Marie were enjoying their breakfast while their parents watched over them. A busy day of sightseeing lay ahead so they ate quickly. Later, Ryan noticed Marie’s toy -Pierre the Penguin. It was lying under the table and they had already left when Ryan ran to return it.
    Ryan felt that children would not be able to share their exciting day with Pierre, so he documented the penguin’s day at the hotel in cute and amusing pictures of him eating breakfast, pushing the bell cart and on the elevator. All this was meticulously compiled into a little storybook and the next day, the children stumbled upon it. Mrs. Fernando thanked Ryan saying that the children had found their best ever bedtime story.